Little Lords Characters!

Little Lords Characters!

An update on Little Lords, which is still ongoing -- these are some of the characters! Little Lords is a strategy game about capturing towers and building teams; it's multiplayer, and I'm making it with Mike Cann of Ectoplasm fame. We're using Unity.

The Cleric Little Lords Characters! Little Lords Characters! Little Lords Characters!

Posted by L on 7th February 2015

Victorian doodles

Victorian doodles

Just some sketches of Victorian characters -- an excorcist and a medium.

Posted by L on 18th August 2014

Little Lords Concept!

Little Lords Concept

I've been working on a new project with Mike (of Ectoplasm fame ;)). The brief was to aim for a cartoonish interpretation of Game of Thrones. This rendering was too realistic/detailed, but the proportions worked pretty well -- you can expect to see more of this stuff as it's produced. \o/

Posted by L on 09th August 2014



It's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated! It's been a year of upheaval for me, but I've added some new things to the gallery today and you can expect updates to be much more regular from now on. :)

Posted by L on 29th July 2014

Ectoplasm 24-hour project!


Last month there was a 'Ship-It' day at work, which entailed creating a project from start to finish in 24 hours -- 'Ectoplasm' was the idea I was working on, as part of a two-man team with Mike Cann. The game is a familiar concept -- like JetPack Joyride or that little helicopter one from ages ago -- but all the art is done on paper, including the sprite animations, and the twist is that you control the ghost by making oooOOoooOOoo noises into the mic! It's available on GooglePlay now and pending approval on the appstore. Some screenshots added in the gallery.

Or click here to play it in your browser!

Posted by L on 14th March 2013

Nursery Crimes Available in full!

Village Life

Nursery Crimes is now available to view in full! We've been lucky to have a fantastic run of festivals thanks in no small part to the Viscera Film Festival and their amazing efforts; thanks so much to everyone who's screened the film! It's been brilliant, and totally unexpected. :)

Watch Nursery Crimes on the Films page

Posted by L on 7th March 2013


Village Life Art Added!

Village Life

Added some character and concept art from Village Life! VL is a Facebook game that I've been working on for the past while, I'm the main animator/character artist while my coworker is the environment chap. Check it out in the gallery!

Play Village Life on Facebook

Posted by L on 18th February 2013


Stephen Silver's Character Design

Expression Sheet

I've been taking Stephen Silver's Character Design class over on Schoolism.com. Very inspirational & informative -- I just added my output from the 9 weeks of class to the gallery, so take a look :D

Posted by L on 6th November, 2012